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Exterior Shades For Patios & Decks

Got a backyard gazebo or other outdoor lounge areas? Get motorized exterior shades (waterproof) custom made for that spot.
Custom Roman Shades & Roller Covers

Custom Roman Shades & Roller Covers

A wide range of pleated window coverings in all sorts of patterns, colors, and textures.
Free Estimates For Every Shading Product

Free Estimates For Every Shading Product

From motorized blinds to exterior shades, we offer free in-person consultations throughout Santa Clara and Silicon Valley to any interested customer.
Professional Blinds Installation

Professional Blinds Installation

Our Santa Clara-based window treatment specialists can fit blinds, shades, and curtains to any glass surface.
Motorized Blinds – Wi-Fi, Remotes & Smartphones

Motorized Blinds – Wi-Fi, Remotes & Smartphones

Get wired or battery-powered blinds for any Santa Clara window or glass door. Choose the features and controls that best suit your budget and needs.

What we do

Master Blinds - Somfy Motorized Expert offers free in-person consultations to Silicon Valley and all nearby parts of the SF Bay. We specialize in making custom made blinds for kitchens, bathrooms, offices and more. Our experts can install motorized blinds with Wi-FI controls and smartphone connectivity. You choose the materials, colors, and designs. We then make your new window treatments and send our installation crew to set them up. From Roman shades with valances to blackout blinds for bedrooms or vertical blinds for office window walls. Choose the treatments that give your home or business the best bang-for-your-buck. A few of our most popular choices are:
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Window Blinds For Santa Clara & Silicon Valley

When you need to cover windows or glass doors, blinds and shades have different pros and cons. Differentiating between each option and choosing the combination of materials and styles that work best for your interior décor and needs can end up feeling vexing. But when you turn to Master Blinds - Somfy Motorized Expert for a free consultation, you'll find choosing new blinds for your Santa Clara windows much easier. We make a wide range of window treatments for residential and commercial properties all over Silicon Valley. Some of our most popular shading products are:

Motorized Blinds – Wired & Wireless

Choosing a high-tech window shading solution for your Santa Clara home or office presents all sorts of benefits. Remote control blinds let you determine how bright or dark a room is without actually being there. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can even control motorized blinds with smartphones. That means you don't even need to be home to adjust them.

Stylish Roman Shades For Santa Clara Kitchens

The pleated and elegant look of Roman shades has become synonymous with class. You can get all sorts of different variations of style for these coverings. Relaxed Roman shades make for a very popular choice. They look like hanging curtains when resting halfway closed and will enrich the interior décor of any kitchen, living room or bedroom.

Vertical Blinds For Santa Clara Office Spaces

Places with large window walls often choose to get vertical blinds installed. Why? Because the vertical vane formation does a better job of blocking sunlight with larger surface areas. Of course, motorized vertical blinds are incredibly popular around the world of Silicon Valley office décor. You can have the blinds move horizontally or unfold vertically when you push the button on the remote control. You can also get blackout vertical blinds that provide the same benefits along with complete privacy when closed.

Cellular Roller Shades

Plenty of window treatments offer more than just décor to the room. Cellular shades enhance energy efficiency by creating a thermal insulating barrier on the windows. The single, double, and triple cell builds fit different types of windows. With a free consultation, you'll have an easy time choosing which types of cellular shades best suit your Santa Clara home or business.

Venetian Window Blinds

One of the oldest choices for window treatments, Venetian blinds have what's often referred to as a 'classic' look. Getting them made from vinyl, wood or faux wood will contribute to the décor of your property and determine how much maintenance (if at all) they'll require. Blackout Venetian blinds offer a high privacy level in bedrooms. Many folks get them made from aluminum too, due to some insulating benefits. The electric version, motorized Venetian blinds, offers a wide range of remote controls that give you convenient sunlight control in any room.

Blinds For Skylights, Doors & Windows

Any glass surface you want to cover, Master Blinds - Somfy Motorized Expert can make blinds for. We specialize in blinds motorization and use quality materials that allow us to give all our shading products excellent warranties. Find out all about the different customizable collection of window treatments we have by scheduling a free estimate at any Santa Clara County address.

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Master Blinds - Somfy Motorized Expert offers a vast selection of window treatments, door, and skylight blinds. All at the best prices around Silicon Valley. Get blinds and shades custom made according to your specifications and needs.

  • Affordable Blinds – using high-quality materials allows us to give our shading products long warranties. But that doesn't mean the price has to climb sky-high.
  • Motorized Blinds Installers – many folks around Silicon Valley choose to get electric blinds for their homes. We offer the complete package. Including Wi-Fi controls, battery-powered options, and smartphone connectivity.
  • Free Estimates & Consults – customizing your new set of window treatments will become easy. Our specialists guiding you through a wide range of options.

Master Blinds - Somfy Motorized Expert

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Vertical Blinds – Blackout, Motorized & More

Need to cover French doors or giant windows? Vertical treatments can present a perfect shading solution. Book a free consultation to learn more

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